Tarn Wordsmithing…Back in the early 1900s, my great-grandparents operated a small post office named “Tarn” out of their house on the family farm. In 1918, many of these small post offices were shut down and their postmarks destroyed as Rural Free Delivery was implemented. But the Tarn name persisted, as we registered our purebred sheep flock as “Lundeen’s Tarn Suffolks & Texels.”

My great-grandfather was a blacksmith, bending iron into useable forms such as horseshoes, tools and farm implements. His anvil is in the shed. My grandfather was known in the neighborhood as the go-to source with livestock questions; his books are in the attic.

It is with this background that I launch Tarn Wordsmithing, honoring personal heritage while creating a platform to continue sharing content and resources about the livestock production sciences, and possibly related topics that I find suitable.

As a trained animal scientist and wordsmith, I will be able to express thoughts and opinions on the topics I cover that I was unable to as a trade journalist over the last 21 years.